Benefits of Consumption of Cassava for diabetes


Blood sugar levels are not controlled is a major problem for diabetics. How could I not? Body diabetics are not able to produce insulin in sufficient amounts or even occur insulin resistance. While the hormone insulin that plays an important role in controlling blood sugar levels. If you have this then blood sugar levels become unmanageable that finally lead to various complications such as hypertension, kidney damage, heart disease, nerve damage, sexual dysfunction, eye damage, and so forth.

cassava diabetes
cassava diabetes

cassava diabetes

Therefore we often are prompted from the beginning to end to keep the diet and do not consume sugary foods and high calories excessively. Although this is not the only cause of diabetes. There is a cause-other causes to watch out for such as transcription factors, less moving or physical activity, consumption of foods high in fat, and excess weight. If you are already suffering from diabetes or to minimize risk factors it is recommended to maintain your diet by eating healthy foods and rich in fiber.

We also often hear that diabetics are restricted to eating white rice or replace it with other food ingredients due to the glikemiknya high. What’s a glycemic index? The glycemic index can be regarded as a parameter that indicates the impact a food to increase blood sugar levels. The higher the index glikemiknya then the sooner lead to increased levels of sugar in the blood.While the blood sugar levels of diabetics must be maintained in order to remain stable so that food with a high glycemic index such as white rice should be limited or avoided.

As an alternative staple food and source of carbohydrates for the body there’s the benefits of cassava for diabetes. Patients or people at risk of diabetes can consume cassava or manioc, which is known to have a lower glycemic index so blood sugar levels are not rapidly rising. Better yet if the cassava is cooked by boiling so as to not increase the glikemiknya and does not involve cooking oils are also not good for health if excessive.Tubers are also often called cassava, this can be easily found around us and the price in the market was quite cheap.

In addition to the glikemiknya low benefits of cassava for diabetes caused by the fiber content is so high that it makes your stomach feel fuller for longer after consuming and avoid consumption of excessive food. In addition as a staple food cassava can also be processed into various snacks that can replace another snack that usually contains flour, sugar, and oil high. But must be considered should a snack of cassava not processed by frying that can actually increase levels of the fat so the calories increased.

With some of the benefits of cassava for diabetes the above you certainly do not hesitate to consume cassava as an alternative staple food or snack a day-to-heart. In order not to get bored you can menyelinginya with white rice or foods other sources of carbohydrates such as potatoes and corn. In addition to pay attention to diet diabetics are also recommended to diligently perform physical activity or exercise because there are so many benefits of exercise for health. Let’s eat healthy and live a healthy life to better health.

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