Get To Know The Cause Of The Throat And Dry Way To Handle It


The throat is dry can be very interfere with the activity of day-to-day. Talk to anyone it feels will feels pretty sick and wrong. Don’t be sad if You experience throat dry. Immediately find out the cause in order to handle it accurately.

Throat dry often accompanied with itching or pain on the part of the throat. This condition may be a symptom of disorders of the throat or mouth. Two conditions associated with throat dry is laryngitis and dry mouth.

Below are the two types of disease that can cause a feeling of dryness in Your throat.


This condition most often raises throat dry accompanied by a hoarse voice and itchy. Laryngitis is an inflammation of the vocal cords that happen because of the application of the vocal cords in excess or because of an infection.

There are two types of laryngitis are distinguished based on the span of time of onset of the symptoms. Among other things, laryngitis long-term (chronic) which are generally caused by smoke cigarettes, consuming alcoholic beverages, allergy, or irritation of the stomach acid. And laryngitis short term (acute) which is generally due to viral infection.

The symptoms are generally happens is the throat dry and pain, the voice becomes hoarse, weak, itching that appear continuously, or tuberculosis.

Use to overcome this condition, usually suffering laryngitis will be given drugs such as corticosteroids or antibiotics (if the cause is a bacterial infection) in accordance with the organized doctor. In addition You can also do some handling daily such as drinking mineral water, inhaling the inhaler of the pregnant bulbs, gargle with salt water warm, consuming mints, and consuming lozenges (lozenge relief throat). Recommended to avoid smoking and rest Your voice.

Dry Mouth

In addition to the laryngitis, dry mouth can also be the cause of throat dry. Dry mouth happens because the production of enough saliva or saliva is lessened or not there at all. And usually happens in those who suffer from dehydration, nerve damage in the area of the head or neck, smoking, consuming drugs, or because suffering from a particular disease.

The symptoms among others thirst continued, mouth dry, throat is dry, the wound in the corner of the mouth, chapped lips, disorders of the senses seasoning, difficulty chewing, sore throat, as well as the tongue feels rough, dry and red.

To overcome the problem of dry mouth You can chew gum kind of sugar-free (low sugar) to increase saliva, drinking mineral water, keep the humidity of the air in the bedroom up the respiratory tract has not increased the dry, and breathe through your nose not through the mouth.

If, however, such means do not succeed, You can mengonsultasikannya to the doctor. Usually the doctor will provide the treatment tailored to the cause. If due to medication such as radiotherapy, then You will be given pilocarpine.

If caused because of consuming drugs certain, usually the doctor will change to a drug that causes dry mouth or just reduce the dosage. If dry mouth is caused by a blockage in the nose, the doctor will give decongestants.

Throat dry it can make awry. Talk is not good, so also with the swallow drinks or food.Immediately find out the cause of throat dry that You experience, so that You can overcome it with the right way.

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