Sick Calves Don’t Let It Go, Learn How To Handle It


Calf pain is often happens after undergoing the activity daily that is dense or heavy. Severity of calf pain different, can just the pain is light, to feel the pain inside-stab.

Sometimes calf pain is also accompanied some of the complaints other that feels more heavy, like leg feels weak and looks pale, swelling, redness, or tingling. Calf pain which accompanied the condition, should immediately checked to the doctor. This can be a sign condition more serious. Especially if You get difficulty to carry out activities of day-to-day.

The Cause Of Calf Pain

Calf pain can be caused by a number of factors, including disorders in the muscles, joints, tendons, blood vessels, nerves, bones, or the skin around the calves. This condition can happen when you’re athletic, work, even when sleeping. Complaints experienced can different, hanging the cause.

Below are some of the causes of calf pain that are common:

  • Cramps muscle
    Cramps happen when the muscles experience contractions of the sudden. Generally caused by a athletics or activity weight that is done a sharp and excess, dehydration, or injured muscles.
  • Muscles are attracted
    this Condition usually happens because of exhaustion or the use of muscles in excess, for example when running, swimming, cycling, or other sports.
  • Contusion
    this Condition is usually caused by an injury or wound because of a fall or banged. Contusion due to a mesh of capillary under the skin burst, and look for color changes on the skin due to the secretion of blood.

In addition, there are several other condition that is more serious and can cause pain in the calf:

  • Deep vein thrombosis (deep vein thrombosis)
    Deep vein thrombosis is blood clots that happen in veins a vein in which there is on the part of the thigh and calf.
  • Skiatika
    Condition skiatika happened because of the availability of emphasis or pinching on the nerves of the pelvis. Generally creates a feeling of pain creeping up from the flank, the butt to the leg, including on the calves. Severity of the pain inflicted can vary, from mild to severe.
  • Tendinitis is
    the Occurrence of tendinitis or inflammation in the Achilles tendon in the foot can cause pain in the area around the heel to the calf.
  • Neuropati diabetic on the nervous edge of the
    Neuropathy diabetic is complications from diabetes. Diabetics who are not controlled with blood sugar levels that are prohibitively high, over time can suffer from damage to the nerves.
  • Syndrome compartment
    Syndrome compartment happens because an increase in pressure in the compartment of the muscles, generally as a result of the injured in the area, for instance broken bones hurt muscle tissue, blood vessels, and nerves.

The Exact Way To Overcome Calf Pain

The treatment method to deal with pain in the calves differently, depending the condition You are experiencing. Can be addressed independently at home or treatment in hospital. The following are some of the ways to treat calf pain:

  • Stop the activity, then rest until the pain subsided.
  • Compress part of calf pain with ice for around 20 minutes.
  • Stretch by lifting the foot as high as the chest repeatedly.
  • Consuming drugs pain as ibuprofen or paracetamol.

To avoid calf pain and hurt in muscles as well as joints, be sure to always do stretching before and after sports or do physical activity other. Consuming water white enough can prevent dehydration, thus also lowering the risk of injuries when doing the activity.

If the calf pain does not immediately subside or is accompanied other condition, you should immediately check to the doctor for the right care.

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